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Alena's Revenge

Den Universe_ Alena_s Revenge.jpg

Pain is all I know, it’s my constant.

The one thing I can count on in this hell hole. In the basement I’ve been locked in since I was stolen from my life and made into nothing more than an animal. The place where they took my body and cracked my mind.

There is the Alena from before...and the Alena now.

The woman who does whatever it takes to stay alive. Who revels in pain and death. The one who dreams of screams and violence. But then he comes, the Boogeyman. He promises he is no hero, but that’s okay I’m no damsel in distress. Down here in the dark even the monsters might just find what they were looking for.

My name is Alena and this is my Revenge.

**Alena's Revenge is a short-standalone set in the same world as Scarlett Limerence and Nadia's Salvation. To understand her story you don't have to read theirs but it might shed some light on some of the content. Please note, this is a dark story with content that some readers may find triggering.**

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