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Pretty Bloody

The Fallen Gods bk 2_ Pretty Bloody.jpg

Seven sons, each with a bloodline of supernaturals that can be traced back to them, but where did they go?

Isabella is in a race across the world.

A mistake leaves her world crumbling around her and one man knowing her deepest, darkest secret. A secret he killed the only man she ever loved to get. Now Isabella must find him before he finds the council. If he tells them what she is…they will capture her and enslave her for the rest of her immortal life.

A chance encounter with a nightwalker leads her to strike a bargain, but her heart and her body were never part of that deal. Yet he is intent on taking them anyway.

He can have them both, but he can never have the truth, not if she wants to survive.

When the lines between past and future blur and Isabella finds out the truth…will she stay, or will she run?

Gather around, love, this is the start of the truth.

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