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Pretty Faces

The Fallen Gods bk 6_ Pretty Faces.jpg

Seven sons, each with a bloodline of supernaturals that can be traced back to them, but where did they go?

Remi has been hunting supernaturals for as long as she can remember. Employed by the councils that govern her world, she has one job—to kill and protect those weaker than her. She is good at it too, the best actually.

Her newest target sends her into a quest she never knew she needed nor wanted. Chasing the infamous god of faces, she has to be smart as well as strong.

As well as resist this infernal urge to claim the god for her own.

Khalid’s face changes as much as his clothes.

Always moving, never exposing himself even when he looks in the mirror, but that all changes one night. After a run-in with his beautiful, lost mate that sends his heart racing and his power slipping for the first time in centuries, he flees.

His past is intent on rearing its ugly head, but it’s not the only issue for the fallen god—the dead are rising. Darkness is spreading and the world is slowly falling into chaos. Though neither want to, Khalid and Remi must work together to stop it before it’s too late. While fighting for their lives, can they resist the magic pulling them together? And when all the cards are dealt, can they overcome years of lies, hurt, and betrayal?

Either way, someone will finally see his true face.

Will they save the world, or will they just be two dead, pretty faces?

Gather around, amore, for this is where the past lies and the hunt begins.

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