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A Signed copy of Cirque Obscurum paperback foiled edition.


Tell me your nightmares. . .

One night changes everything.

Ember doesn’t know how, but on the brink of death, she calls to them. They come in the darkness, like phantoms in masks, and rescue her from her pain. But that rescue comes with a price. Her soul. She must give all she is to the Cirque, where it doesn’t only house you, it owns you.

Nothing is ever as it seems and the truth behind the striped curtain is no small matter. Can Ember keep her vow? Can she embrace the madness the Cirque demands?

After all, the Cirque isn’t just a home for freaks and runaways, but also for those who will kill to protect it. They’ll carve a bloody path through the world, preying on the predators no one else dares to. When the Cirque calls, they answer.

The Cirque demands blood.

It demands payment.

And pay Ember must, with her soul or theirs. . .

Welcome to Cirque Obscurum, where the cards never lie. . .

*Cirque Obscurum is intended for audiences over eighteen and features adult situations, please check the TW list before reading*

Foiled Cirque Obscurum Paperback

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