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Pretty Spelled

The Fallen Gods bk 7_ Pretty Spelled.jpg

Seven sons, each with a bloodline of supernaturals that can be traced back to them, but where did they go?

The world is being consumed by darkness. Darkness controlled by my mate, or more accurately the evil possessing my mate. I have grieved her loss for centuries and now she’s back. No prophecy, fates or evil will stop me from claiming what I should have then.

Lilith is mine.

She always has been and always will be. With my brothers and their mates at my side, we will stop the end times and make our family whole again.

Or die trying.

I’m trapped, left alone in the dark as my body is used for nefarious purposes. Liking hurting my brothers… and my love. Even the fires of hell can’t compare to the pain when I see the grief in his eyes.

The possession has warped me, changed me, even if my Attie could reach me he would not recognise the woman I am now.

I am doomed, even as he is determined to save me.

When the choice comes down to sacrificing the one thing we have been fighting for or letting go… can we both be strong enough to survive it?

When the world ends, where will you be?

Wildflower, it’s time to end this.


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