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Pretty Stormy

The Fallen Gods bk 3_ Pretty Stormy.jpg

Seven sons, each with a bloodline of supernaturals that can be traced back to them, but where did they go?

Mira has been a prisoner, locked up, for as long as she can remember. Love led her there, betrayal broke her, and now she is left cold and cunning....but one fateful night has her forgetting her past and dreaming of more.

Under that lightning lit sky, she found a man. An ancient cruel being that made her ache for what she can never have.

Love, freedom, a home.

But her master also saw him, and now he wants him and the power he holds.

Mira must prepare to face the biggest storm yet, but what if the storm is the man himself?

How do you protect your heart from being washed away with the waves?

Gather around, temptress, this is where the fight begins.

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