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Pretty Wild

The Fallen Gods bk 4_ Pretty Wild.jpg

Seven sons, each with a bloodline of supernaturals that can be traced back to them, but where did they go?

Alejandra has had her whole life planned out since birth, but now that the time has come to take her place in court, everything seems to be imploding. As a lady, her duty is simple, but why does she keep dreaming of more? Of fangs and claws and an impending war?

One fateful night causes her to flee in terror, driving Alejandra into the forbidden forest where she meets a man trapped as an animal—who, in turn, sends all her perfectly laid plans to waste.

But the court won’t let her go so easily, and fate has one last trick up her sleeve. When Alejandra has to choose between duty and love, will she choose correctly? Truths are revealed and hearts are broken as ultimate betrayals are exposed.

Will Alejandra survive it?

Who will stand by her side if she does?

Gather around, darling, for this is the moment when the tapestry of lies is unwoven.

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