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The Damned

Their Champion Companion bk 3_  The Damned.jpeg

War came to The Wastelands and a queen fell.

After healing from the war that took many of our own we are finally reaping the rewards of our sacrifices. Our lands are healing, our people are growing stronger. All under the queen, Worth.

Now, as her right hand man...erm...woman I am charged with riding the sands and chasing down those who threaten our carefully built peace. It’s not an easy job, in fact every day is filled with bloodshed and death. So when heading into the unknown you need those at your back that you can trust, and these four men are who I trust more than anyone in the world.

My Doctor.
My Beast.
My Shadow
My Mountain Man.

I myself have had many names from Pascha to Princess, and now I add another to the list.


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