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Walking the Tightrope

Her Freaks bk 3_ Walking the Tightrope.jpg

Last Stop is no longer a haven for the rich, the killing of the freaks has been stopped once and for all.

Forced to fight against the odds for so long, Rhea and her men need time to heal. Except there is so much more going on than first appears and time is something they are in short supply off.

The rebels have started a war - a war that Rhea finds herself in the middle of. Hearts will be stolen, lives unraveled and new alliances will be forged.

Change started with Alcide’s Circus, once a haven for the freaks of the world it has now become a beacon of hope throughout these destroyed lands. But where there is hope... there are those trying to ruin it.

Starting with ending the freaks who were the sparks of the war.

From the ashes of destruction, a new life can begin if only they can survive the flames first. Each decision Rhea and her men make will either lead them to a new life or be the end of the show for good.

Walking the Tightrope has never been so hard.

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